Regional seminar on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

Malta 27 giugno 2019

Fonte: GdF
​Studies produced by OECD and EUIPO show that the counterfeit and pirated products represent up to 6,8% of all EU imports, worth up to EUR 121 bilion. Such goods can originate from all economies and, emerging economies playing an important part in this phenomenon, either as producers of counterfeits or as transit zones. Brands that suffer the most from counterfeiting are primarily registred in the EU.
Therfore, the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in colaboration with Customs National Administration of Malta has preparated a training seminar which focuseson the challenges related to the enformìcement of IPR.
Colonel Salvatore Paiano, from the Guardia di Finanza's Special Units, will partecipate for Italy.

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