Some advice to find out if a product is fake

To understand if a product is fake, consumers should adopt a few simple precautions.


Spot counterfeiting with the  5  tips suggested by the Guardia di Finanza:



1. Eye on the price

Remember that too much price difference between the market price and the one being offered may indicate possible counterfeiting.



2. Watch where you buy from

​Be very careful when buying on the street, beaches, from pedlars, as well as via the Web or “door-to-door”. It is much better to buy through safe and official channels, or licensed dealers. What is more, they are the only ones that can sell you quality products guaranteed by the manufacturers and covered by warranty.


3. Do not buy products lacking the EC mark

​Some products must display the EC mark  that confirms compliance with the safety standards of the European Union.


4. Look carefully at the labels

​The information and instructions on the labels must be visible, easily legible and in Italian, and they also must show indispensable information. Beware of products showing labels with spelling or printing errors.




5. Check the package or wrapping

​Be careful when the packages or wrappings appear to have been tampered with, are ruined, worn out or unsealed.