The Project

What is the S.I.A.C. ? 

The Anti-Counterfeiting Information System (S.I.A.C.) is a project co-funded by the European Commission which the Ministry of Internal Affairs has assigned to the Guardia di Finanza, confirming the pivotal role played by the Corps in this operational area.
The initiative stemmed from the awareness that in order to face a multi-dimensional and transversal  illegal phenomenon such as counterfeiting, all institutional bodies and players involved in combating the “fake industry” should join forces.
On this basis, the project has been completed as a plurifunctional computerized platform made up of different applications to perform the following tasks:
  • information for consumers;
  • cooperation between institutional bodies, in particular between Police Forces, and between these and the Municipal Police;
  • cooperation between the institutional bodies and the companies.
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The S.I.A.C. is first of all based on a website that provides an updated picture of the actions conducted by the various institutional players that oversee the “fake market”, providing users also with suggestions and practical advice to avoid buying counterfeit or dangerous products.
The system also allows the owners of industrial and intellectual property to actively cooperate in the prevention and suppression action by sending information about their products that have been affected by counterfeiting schemes  (images, information sheets, expert reports, technical advice, etc.) for ready reference by the control agencies in the field.
Also planned is a computerized platform reserved for the Guardia di Finanza and the other Police Forces (including the Municipal Police), which will hold, on the basis of innovative ways to provide and structure the data, all the operational results in this service sector, so as to ensure a more effective and timely analysis of the information of investigative relevance. 
Finally, a dedicated application is being completed that will allow a more targeted counter-action on the Internet, which now represents, in every respect, the new frontier of counterfeiting.  
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